Andrew Zbigniew Szydlo


Andrew at a desk

My first article appeared in print, in a Polish Sunday newspaper (Gazeta Niedzielna) on my 17th birthday. Its title was: “Wrażenia z pierwszej pracy” (Impressions from my first job). Since then, I have published over 100 articles on a wide variety of topics, in a wide variety of magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers. I have also written two books: Water which does not wet hands – The alchemy of Michael Sendivogius with a foreword by Professor Lord George Porter, FRS , (Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry, 1967), Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, 1994, 300pp., and Schoolmaster’s Diary, Expographic, Kraków, 2015, 96pp. A third book, School Tales, is in the process of being written. It will be illustrated with photographs and my own drawings.


Reviewed in:

Daily Mail, Metro, The Mirror, Ham & High

Available to buy Here

Available to buy Here

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