Andrew Zbigniew Szydlo

Automobile Mechanic

Andrew with a Triumph Herald car

As a child I never dreamt that I could ever possess a car, let alone 8 cars. Since I purchased my first car, a Triumph Herald 13/60 saloon, in 1975, I have learnt to service and repair cars. Today I own 5 Triumph Herald 13/60’s: 2 saloons, 1 saloon with sunroof, 1 estate and 1 convertible. I also own two Volvo 144DL automatics and a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III. The vehicles are all fully roadworthy and are regularly driven on long journeys across Europe.

Children with a Rolls Royce

Training mechanics from an early age (2019)

Highgate students fixing a car

If man made it, man can fix it (2007)


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